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Kneeler Cushions

posted Mar 31, 2018, 10:34 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri
For those of us who assist at Holy Mass at St. Rose of Lima in Novinger, we know there is a certain 'penitential dimension' to receiving Holy Communion. Besides the irreverence of NOT having a Communion rail to separate the Sacred from the profane (heaven from earth), there is also the matter of kneeling on hard wooden steps to receive. Most traditional Catholic churches provide kneeler cushions for the faithful receiving Holy Communion.

Well, we are pleased to report: thanks to LMS member Dr. Catherine Webb, as of today, ST. ROSE NOW HAS KNEELER CUSHIONS! How about that?

Catherine utilized materials from 3 or 4 different stores, designed and constructed the kneelers with her own two hands. She settled on 4-foot sections. Therefore, if we are ever blessed enough to have the Communion rail restored to its rightful place in St. Rose, we can add sections if necessary.

LMS member Chris Scearce helped with funding the project.

What a generous, talented, proactive LMS group we have! Thanks to all involved.