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Committed Young Catholics

posted Mar 31, 2018, 10:30 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri
It's so uplifting to see what a committed group of traditional Catholics we have within the Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri – especially when they are YOUNG CATHOLICS. Andrew Cowan and Aidan Talerico arrived for Holy Mass on Sunday 1 ½ hours early! Andrew used the time to teach Aidan how to serve Mass. What an honor it is for any young man to be in the Sanctuary to serve Our Dear Lord for Mass.

Aidan had been studying his Latin Mass responses for weeks now, and was able to utilize his learning for the very first time on Passion Sunday. (Glória tibi, Dómine) Also, Connor Scearce is in the beginning process of learning to be an Altar server. Please thank these young man when you see them for their contribution to our mission.

For any of us who may think serving is an easy task, when asked Sunday, “How was serving your first Mass?” Aidan replied, “It was terrifying!” Don't worry, Aidan, it gets nothing but better!