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Altar Server

posted Dec 9, 2016, 10:54 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

The Latin Mass Society is looking for a young man up for a challenge - learning how to serve the Latin Mass.  This may be viewed as tedious, but it is truly not the case.

The candidates may be college students, or anyone who is enrolled in youth group or confirmation classes. As long as one has had first holy communion, they may serve.

What might be asked of them is to serve regularly every Sunday, or whenever scheduled.

Finally, candidates will be trained under the advisement of the current server. He will be able to teach pronunciations as well as the movements.

The goal is to train the server so that he may serve side by side with another, and eventually be capable to serve independently (only when one is available to serve).

If you know any who may be interested, please inform them of this opportunity of spiritual growth, and of learning more about the mass of the Saints.