Last weekend's Baptism, Upcoming Masses

posted Sep 11, 2019, 1:04 PM by jdjobson

A new member of the Church Militant!
Little Daniel Jobson was baptised in the Traditional Rite in front of 60 to 70 of his closest admirers by Fr. Kevin Drew of the KC Diocese. Daniel's 'big' sister Margaret, who was baptised just last year got a little emotional in the pews, then decided to fall asleep in Dad's arms. The Baptism began with the 'exorcism' ceremony in the vestibule -- Father wearing the purple stole. Then, processed to the Sanctuary -- Father wearing the white stole. Also, Daniel's mother, Katherine, received the Churching of Women blessing. Baptism, Holy Mass, Confession, 'Churching' blessing & the Rosary -- a truly joyful Sunday in Marceline, MO.

We are pleased to announce a second September Holy Mass is scheduled for 4:00 PM, Sunday, September 22 at St. Rose of Lima Church in Novinger. Please be with us! This will be the 45th consecutive monthly Sunday Holy Mass at St. Rose. (45 months in a row!!!) We are approaching four years of monthly Sunday Holy Masses in northeast Missouri. In our remote geographic area, this can be described as truly a minor miracle. Thank you, Blessed Mother! Fr. Kevin Drew, of the KC Diocese, will celebrate Holy Mass and Our Lady's Rosary is prayed 20 minutes before Mass.  A reception will follow with Fr. Drew in the Parish Hall.

On Sunday, October 13 at 1:45 pm Father Drew will celebrate a Solemn High Mass here at St Joseph's in Trenton.  After Mass, we will join thousands of others across the country who will be praying the Rosary around 3:00 for our nation.  We will process around the block with a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima while praying the Rosary.  Afterwards we will celebrate with some food and drink in the church hall.  Venture out to the country to join in this beautiful expression of our faith on the 102nd  anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. If you are looking to attend, please contact the St. Joseph Parish to help them gauge how many to prepare for.

Baptism, Diocesan Weekly Mass, Future Masses

posted Aug 26, 2019, 6:12 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

There will be an extraordinary form Baptism on Sunday, September 8 at 4 pm before a Low Mass at Saint Bonaventure Church in Marceline, MO.  Father Kevin Drew from Trenton, MO in the Kansas City/Saint Joseph Diocese has once again agreed to be celebrant.  Rosary will be prayed 20 minutes prior, and a reception will follow in the Catholic School.

From Father Dylan Schrader, priest at Saint Brendan's in Mexico, MO, and Diocesan Delegate for the Extraordinary Form, passed on the following news from his area: "I am pleased to announce that beginning in October, the noon extraordinary form Mass at St. Brendan in Mexico will be every Sunday! St. Brendan parish will also be having community and faith-formation opportunities from around 10:00am to 11:45am on Sundays, and I would encourage you to take advantage of these. As we get going, the full schedule will be posted at St. Brendan. It is important for the long-term success of our extraordinary form community that we continue to grow, to get to know each other, to invite others, and to stay connected with our fellow parishioners."

Next mass at Saint Rose in Novinger will be September 22.  As always, this will be preceded by Rosary and followed by a reception.

Missionary Priests

posted Aug 19, 2019, 8:18 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

We added Father Schumacher's picture to the list of Missionary Priests of St. Rose. Here's part of a message he sent to all of us last week: "You quote our Lord's instruction in your note: "Take up your cross and follow me." That is, in fact, the passage I chose to place at the top on my ordination card: tollat crucem suam ("Let him take up his cross"). To me, it is the whole hermeneutic of the priesthood and indeed the Christian life. We must follow the Lord Jesus wherever He goes, and His path leads through Calvary to the Resurrection. God bless you all, and may He prosper the work of your hands. Pray for me! Know of my prayers for you."

Father Schumacher

posted Aug 13, 2019, 11:46 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

Our Blessed Mother continues to provide. She smiled down upon northeast Missouri Catholics on Sunday by providing newly-ordained Father Stephen Schumacher, of the St. Louis Archdiocese, to celebrate Holy Mass, administer his 'First Blessing' -– and stay with us for a joyful reception following Mass! Next month, Father will be off to Rome for studies. BUT, he expressed interest in returning to St. Rose of Lima next summer. How about that? Complete with a rainbow, words cannot adequately describe just how beautiful and holy a day it was.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, and thank you, Father Schumacher!

Many Blessings; Next Mass With a Newly Ordained Priest

posted Aug 2, 2019, 8:50 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

What multiple blessing we received last Sunday! An amazing group of close to 60 of the faithful assisted at Holy Latin Mass at St. Rose of Lima in Novinger.  Following Holy Mass, we recited the beautiful Litany of the Precious Blood.  Then, after the Litany, Christopher Scearce received the Benedictine oblature ceremony from Father Kevin Drew.  Our Dear Lord, through His Holy Mother, continues to provide us with the Sanctifying Graces of these special Sundays.

A few of the girls from our LMS attended the Young Girls' Camp at the Institute of Christ the King in Wassau, WI this past week.  Along the way, they stopped to visit (and for a meal) with a former Truman State University graduate and LMS member, Page Karls, and her family, who are from that area.  It has been said that they had a very fun time while still deepening their Catholic faith.

Father Stephen Shumacher, a newly-ordained priest of the St. Louis Archdiocese, has graciously agreed to be our newest 'missionary' priest to travel to northeast Missouri to celebrate Holy Latin Mass.  Father Schumacher will celebrate Holy Mass at 4:00 PM, Sunday, August 11 at St. Rose of Lima Church in Novinger, MO.  We are SO BLESSED that Father will also be administering his 'First Blessing' to us immediately after Holy Mass.  Our Blessed Mother's Holy Rosary will be prayed 20 minutes before Mass & a reception with Father Schumacher will follow Holy Mass in the Church Hall.  We thank our dear colleague, Regina Morris of the Latin Liturgical Association, for telling us about Father Schumacher.  Our Blessed Mother did the rest! Please be with us to welcome Father to northeast Missouri!

July Mass and Investiture

posted Jul 19, 2019, 6:05 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

The LMS mission continues in northeast Missouri with the Traditional Latin Mass scheduled for 4:00 PM, Sunday, July 28 at the increasingly-traditional St. Rose of Lima Church in Novinger. If you recall, it wasn't that long ago the Sanctuary was covered in RED carpeting with NO Communion rail. Father Kevin Drew, pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in the KC Diocese will celebrate Holy Mass for us. Thank you, Father!

We are also so proud to announce that Christopher Scearce, one of our good LMS members, has been accepted as a Benedictine Oblate Novitiate by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, in Gower, MO. Fr. Drew has been so kind as to agree to perform the investiture ceremony following Mass!  The investiture ceremony is quite brief and all interested are invited to stay after Holy Mass to witness.

This will be the second Benedictine investiture ceremony celebrated at St. Rose of Lima Church. Two other LMS members, who have just recently moved to Florida, Casey and Rachel Dillon, had their investiture ceremony (in private) at St. Rose last year following Mass. Deo Gratias!

Our Blessed Mother's Holy Rosary is prayed 20 minutes before Mass and a reception with Father Drew will follow the 'Mass of the Ages' in the Parish Hall. Please be with us. It is joyful to have Our Blessed Lord's Holy Mass followed by good fellowship on a Summer's evening in God's beautiful countryside.

Trinity Sunday Mass

posted Jun 10, 2019, 8:53 AM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

How would you like to kneel for Holy Communion in a quaint, 114-year-old country church, at its original Communion rail right here in northeast Missouri? The next Traditional Latin Mass has been scheduled for 4:00 PM, SUNDAY, JUNE 16 at ST. ROSE OF LIMA Church in Novinger, MO. It will be TRINITY SUNDAY, a first class feast, and will mark the 42nd consecutive monthly Sunday Traditional Mass in this rural Catholic community. We are pleased that Father Kevin Drew will be with us to celebrate this special Sunday Holy Mass. For the first time in decades at St. Rose, laity will be able to kneel for Holy Communion at the Church's original –- and beautifully restored Communion rail. Many thanks again to our skilled, hard-working volunteers!

Holy Rosary is prayed 20 minutes before Mass & a reception with Father Drew will follow. Please be with us for this holy and historic Traditional Mass.

Altar Rail

posted May 18, 2019, 12:28 PM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri   [ updated May 18, 2019, 12:29 PM ]

Generous volunteers of our LMS of Northeast Missouri have completed a huge step in restoring St. Rose of Lima Church by completing and installing the original Communion Rail back to its rightful position. It is beautiful!

We thank these good, dedicated, talented volunteers -- working for Our Blessed Mother and Her Holy Son. It was a lot of work. The detailed work of the Communion Rail gate is not yet complete. Without support from our Diocese, we know not where we shall go from here.

Gentlemen, thank you again!

Easter Masses, Laetare Sunday, Diocesan Mass

posted Apr 10, 2019, 7:54 PM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri


The number 40 is a holy number in the Bible and, therefore, in the Catholic Church, who is its author. April will mark the 40th consecutive monthly Sunday Mass in Northeast Missouri! Our Blessed Mother and two holy priests are providing our 40th and 41st consecutive Sunday Masses at humble St. Rose of Lima Church in Novinger, MO.

4:00 PM, SUNDAY, APRIL 28, (the Octave of Easter, Low Sunday) with Father Kevin Drew, pastor of St Joseph's Parish in Trenton, MO.

4:00 PM, SUNDAY, MAY 5, (Good Shepard Sunday) with Father Arnaud Devillers, FSSP, pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish in Quincy, IL.

As we have done for the first 39 Sunday Masses, the Holy Rosary will be prayed 20 minutes before Mass and a reception with these good priests will follow Mass in the Parish Hall. PLEASE SAY A HAIL MARY to thank Our Blessed Mother for this supernatural gift of Grace!

“Of all the types and shadows of the Old Testament, none is as pervasive and important as the shadows revealed in the relationship between "forty," and the fulfillment of promises.” (

Laetare Sunday

Our thanks to Father Drew! A Holy Latin Mass on Laetare Sunday in northeast Missouri was only possible because of this good, 'missionary' priest. As you know, priests must be imported from other Diocese. The sermon was inspiring & instructive. About 40 of the faithful assisted at Holy Mass, including a BUNCH of kids! You'll see from the pictures, they thoroughly enjoyed the food at the reception; especially the dessert. A couple of Truman students even entertained us on the 'ancient' piano -- including music from JS Bach! Impressive. Thank you Dear Lord for this holy mission.

Monthly Diocesan Mass

One of the servers (Aiden Talerico) who 'trained' & served right here at St. Rose in Novinger helped the Inst. of Christ the King with a Lenten event last Saturday at Fr. Dylan Schrader's St. Brendan Parish in Mexico, MO. Fr. Schrader is continuing in this Diocese what was begun right here in rural northeast Missouri Have no doubt: TRADITION IS THE FUTURE!

Next Mass, Restoration Progress

posted Mar 24, 2019, 7:23 PM by Latin Mass Society of Northeast Missouri

Our next Traditional Holy Mass is set for 4:00 PM, Laetare Sunday, March 31st at St. Rose of Lima in Novinger. The Holy Rosary will be prayed 20 minutes before Mass and a reception will follow. Please be with us!

Intricate restoration work continues on the Communion gate for the Communion rail of historic St. Rose of Lima Church in Novinger. An LMS member who supplied these pictures said, “I was impressed that they carved out a piece of wood (circled in the photo) with a Dremel and glued it on.” For those of us impatient for this project to be complete, recall the classic film 'The AGONY & The ECSTASY,' in which an impatient Pope asks Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. After a while, the frustrated Pope Julius II asks, “When will you make an end (of it)?” Michelangelo answers, “When I am finished?”

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